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January 11, 2024
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Twister children's playroom received the Chosen by Moms certificate

The Twister children's playroom has deservedly received the prestigious "Moms 2024" certificate.

This certificate is a special honor and recognition awarded by mothers, known for their exceptional sensitivity and careful approach when evaluating products and services.

Moms rated the Twister playroom according to the following criteria:

1. Satisfaction with the product or service used: Twister playroom has received high marks for providing an exceptional experience and joy to children, which has set user satisfaction at a high level.

2. Product or service characteristics:Mothers have recognized the quality, innovation of attractions and facilities in the Twister playroom, highlighting them as outstanding compared to other similar offers.

3. Estimated Value for Money: Twister Playroom has received praise for providing exceptional value for money, while providing a safe and exciting environment for children.

4. Intention to recommend a product or service: Mothers expressed a clear intention to recommend the Twister playroom to other families, which testifies to a high level of satisfaction and trust.