PRIZE DRAW – We give away 3 copies of the book "FATS (WHAT) LIFE MEANS"

24.10. to 27.10.2018.

VBZ Bookshop and Mall of Split in the prize draw they give you 3 copies of the book FAT THAT LIFE MEANS, by Dr. Joseph Mercol. Play with us!

All you have to do is:
In the comments of this post on facebook Mall of Split-and tag the person who would like this book

We announce the lucky winner on Sunday, 28.10.2018. Good luck to everyone!

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Mejaši prvi d.o.o. Josip Jovic 93, 21000 Split OIB 49368232868 Publishes

Rules of participation in the game - "VBZ gives you"  

Article 1

The organizer of the game is Mejaši first d.o.o. josip Jovic 93, Split, OIB 49368232868, (hereinafter: The Organizer), and it will take place on the Facebook page of the Mall of Split for the purpose of promoting sponsors Mall of Split (hereinafter: Sponsor).

Article 2

With these Rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), the Organizer defines the rules for participation in the prize draw (hereinafter:The Game). 

Article 3

The purpose of the Game is to achieve promotional effects for the Sponsor and the Organizer.

Article 4

The game takes place between Wednesday, October 24, and Saturday, October 27, 2018. age.

Article 5

These Rules ensure equality of all participants in the Game and equal opportunity to win after meeting the conditions laid down in these Rules.

Article 6

The prize draw covers all natural persons with an address of residence in the Republic of Croatia, except employees of the Organizer and their immediate family, as well as employees of the Sponsor and their immediate family.

Minors have the right to participate in the prize draw in accordance with the law. For a minor, consent must be given by a parent or a person who is authorized by law to take care of him or her. Minors may compete in the contest if they have the express consent of a parent or guardian.

According to the law, minors can be winners of prizes and receive the prize won according to the legally prescribed conditions, i.e. if the guardians of the minor winner have accepted the award, they have thus expressed their consent with these Rules, and on behalf of the minors take it.

Any multiple application by the same person may only result in one-off participation. One person can only win one prize. The reward is non-transferable to the other person.

Article 7

By participating in the Game, participants accept the rules set out in this Policy and allow their stories, login information, tonal records and the like to be published in the website, on Facebook and Instagram channels Mall of Split- and. Participants agree to have their logins and data published on third-party websites, sponsors' websites and social media pages. The participants of the Game agree, without exception, that the Organizer uses, if necessary, the data collected within the Game during the next 24 months for the purposes of marketing and promotional activities without any compensation to the Participant.  

Article 8

The game is realized in such a way that on the facebook page Mall of Split- and its beginning is being announced. The mechanism of the prize draw is that competitors tag in the commentary of their friend with whom they would like to win a gift. The game takes place over 4 different days, between October 24, and October 27, 2018, with the winners selected at the end of 4 days (there are 3 winners in total who win 3 books), who together with their friend will win 3 below the specified gifts. The winner is selected with the help of the page.

The winners (the person who wins the prize) are those people chosen by the site.

Article 9

The gift fund consists of 3 (three) awards, 3 books called 'Fats that life means' from the VBZ store worth up to 139 kn individually, or 417kn in total. All gifts are provided by the Sponsor. The delivery of the gift to the winners will be realized in a timely manner, in such a way as to maximize the satisfaction of the basic goals of the conduct of the Game.

Article 10

The gifts are raised by the winners upon presentation of a legally valid identification document which according to the data is identical to the data provided by the contestant in the application when winning the prize.

The gift cannot be exchanged for monetary compensation. With the moment of taking the gift, that is, by signing on the takeover of the gift, all further obligations of the Organizer of the Game according to the Winner cease.

Winners are obliged to take the gift no later than thirty days after the end of the Game. The organizer is not responsible if the winner does not meet the criteria for the use of the gift, and such justifications do not qualify for the change of gift. In the event that within thirty days the winner does not take the gift, he loses the right to claim it.

Article 11

In the event of circumstances for which the Organizer is not responsible, i.e. which he could not have foreseen, eliminated or avoided (force majeure), the Organizer may temporarily or permanently terminate the Game and inform the public accordingly.

Article 12

By participating in the Game, each participant accepts the above rights and obligations under this Regulation. In the event of a possible dispute, the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court in Split is determined.

Article 13

This Regulation enters into force on the day of publication on the website of the, and its validity lasts until the fulfillment of all the provisions provided for in certain articles of the Regulations.

In Split, October 22, 2018