11 February, 2021
23 March, 2021

Town Split In 2015, he received another exclusive store that puts it alongside the world's largest fashion capitals. Lacoste, a French lifestyle brand popular with sports elegance lovers, known for its charming green crocodile on the logo, iconic polo shirts and uncompromising quality, has introduced a new new one premium concept store Lacoste which opened its doors on 11 February.

Arrival of Le Club concept Lacoste stores with a unique design and atmosphere, is really great news for fans of this French brand, which with its quality and refinement attracts and delights those who hold out impeccable style over and over again.

"New trade Lacoste is designed to provide customers with a very special personal experience. Le Club store design maintains the synthesis between the brand itself and its creator René Lacoste. The atmosphere of Le Club is present even before entering the store. The openness of the space ensures light penetration and airiness, and the appearance of the store resembles a tennis court," he explainsThierry Guibert, CEO of The Company LACOSTE.

In this store you can find the latest models of the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, men's and women's collections of textiles, bags and shoes!

See you in Lacoste Mall of Split (2nd floor, Square Jadran).

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