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23 November, 2017
11 December, 2017

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CINESTAR 4DX MALL OF SPLIT In 2015, he received the award for the best NEWLY BUILT CINEMA IN EUROPE - ICTA AWARD 2018. (International Cinema Technology Association)!

The cinema has 9 cinemas, one of which is 4DX and one eXtreme hall, which will make it the largest cinema in Dalmatia. It is also fully equipped with Barco laser projectors.

All halls are equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology and provide viewers with the real pleasure of watching a movie on wall-to-wall canvases, with laser projectors and a JBL and Crown sound system. Full digitization has made it possible to please even the most demanding cinema lovers. Those looking for a new dimension of entertainment can embark on a RealD 3D adventure or indulge in an extreme film experience with eXtreme – which means it guarantees a movie experience on a larger screen with stronger sound and a stronger experience, of course with laser projections, but also the most comfortable seats.

All nine halls are spacious and comfortable, they are characterized by amphitheater-arranged seats, plinths for storing glasses or popcorn, and a special offer consists of three types of luxury seats: love seats that occupy 20% of the total capacity of each hall and these are ideal places for lovers because couples have more space and do not have partitions as regular seats. At CineStar 4DX Mall of Split there are also LOVE BOX seats, which make the experience more private and relaxed and take cinematicism to a whole new level.

In the halls there are also specializedly designed VIP RELAX seats. VIP RELAX are an improved version of the previous VIP seats, they are larger in size than the classic ones, the backrest is movable, they are made in leather, and in addition to the storage space of the drink, they have a small coffee table and a footrest.

Visitors are offered recognizable cinestar services, such as My CineFreit- the most affordable day of the week, Matineja and Family Package, birthday celebration, loyalty program that allows savings and ticket purchases online, as well as the most comfortable seats of which are especially attractive love, Love Box and VIP RELAX seats, free parking and much more.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the Cinema Bar with a unique and modern design, and children can expect two children's births!

Cinema Bar - the acclaimed design duo Franjic - Šekoranja with whom we have already collaborated on the kaptol boutique cinema project, designed this beautiful bar at the entrance, as an anteroom to the cinema. Order fine and smelly coffee at our Cinema Bar at all times of the day, and we highly recommend our wine list. You will find a multitude of different colors and flavors in interesting cocktails, and an interesting offer of craft beer will refresh and intrigue every palate. In the Cinema bar we also thought of smokers, so there is a separate room designed for smokers.

4DX HALL- The only real 4DX experience!

CINESTAR 4DX MALL OF SPLIT it is also a unique cinema in 4DX format- state-of-the-art technology that brings the viewer a complete cinema experience by improving film viewing towards making viewers part of the film. 4DX hall is the third hall of this technology in Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka). It is the result of an exclusive collaboration with the world leader in 4DX technology - CJ4DX, whose 4DX system is located in over 400 multiplexes worldwide, i.e. in 4DX technology. in 50 countries, including Croatia. You will be able to watch the films of all the world's studios in 4DX format in Hall 2. 4DX system uses 4DX mobile seats that are programmed to move and vibrate during 4DX shows combined with 15 special ambient effects including:

• Rocking
• Backward/Backward Movement
• Seat vibration
• Vibration of the backrest
• Tickling
• Air to the face
• Wind
• Bubbles
• Light
• Smell
• Water
• Fog
• Air
• Rainstorm
• Snow - exclusive in Split


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