3×3 basketball tour BASKET TOUR – SIGN UP!

09.06.2018. at 5 pm

This season, the 3x3 basketball tour BASKET TOUR will visit attractive locations in numerous Croatian cities in the period from May to July, for the first time since 3x3 basketball was included in the program of the Olympic Games last summer (since Tokyo 2020). The international basketball organization FIBA noticed the great potential of 3x3 basketball, and from the beginning of the launch of the 3x3 project had a clear and ambitious vision of its development. Since the first official event in 2010 at the Youth Olympic Games, this most popular urban sport in the world has attracted a lot of attention from the audience and players because it can be played in various attractive locations, and is very dynamic and fun to play and watch. We are convinced that in the coming period there will be an additional growth in the popularity of 3x3 basketball, and that many quality players and teams, motivated by the possibility of reaching the Olympic Games, will decide to devote themselves more seriously to this beautiful game.

Basket Tour tournaments will be played in each of the host cities in 4 age categories (U13, U15, U18, SENIORS), and all information and free registration can be found on the official website of the www.basket-tour.com project. Photos, results and interesting facts will of course be available on our Facebook page. In addition to the 3x3 competition, the players, as well as the audience present, will be able to participate in appropriate competitions characteristic of such events, such as three-pointers, dunks and polygons for the youngest. In addition, the audience will be entertained by the host's comments, and during the breaks of the matches, the dance group will enrich the program with their dance performances.

In order to further mark our special game in many ways, FIBA decided to make a special ball intended for 3x3 basketball. The honor went to Wilson, and in addition to the attractive blue and yellow colors, the ball is slightly smaller, and it also has a special grip. From the very beginning, it has been well received by players, and the Basket Tour will be played with this great ball this season as well.

Another exciting 3x3 season will bring us new excitement and fun, and we are sure that the teams are eagerly awaiting it too!

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