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November 25, 2022
January 25, 2023

WORKING HOURS: 08:30 - 23:00

The Food Shack Chef Ivica Katić is responsible for all dishes, not just burgers.
There is something on the menu for everyone, and (almost) they do everything themselves.
Special attention is paid to the fact that the meat is of excellent quality, it is baked in space, sauces are made according to special recipes, bublica are made on a daily basis.
Everyone there can find something for themselves - you will also find a burger, pulled pork and pulled beef, chicken wings, several types of sandwiches, sardines, and for those who are for the classics - there are kebabs.
They also offer a vegetarian menu and various salads.
Desserts: homemade donuts and fritters, and desserts in a glass - tiramisu, cheesecake and krempita. Desserts come from the popular Split pastry shop "O'š kolač?"