Opening of Advent with KUD Salon

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December 5, 2023
December 1, 2023
2 December
The Folklore Ensemble is coming to Jadran Square

Join us this Saturday (02.12.) at Jadran Square from 6 p.m., where KUD Salona will perform a folklore ensemble. The youngest will dance the traditional dances of the island of Hvar, show us children's games and dances of Slavonia and Međimurje, as well as northwestern Croatia.
Among other things, they will introduce us to the history of folk costumes.
"Oh Little Birds", "We Are Merry Children", "Klinček" and "Little Brother Ivo" are just some of the dances and games that you have the opportunity to watch.
We look forward to seeing you in as many numbers as possible.

Program of the folklore ensemble:
1. Dances of the island of Hvar (Children's Ensemble)
2. Folklore vocal group (I'm dizzying my skirt thin / Last night when I was washing my clothes)
3. Children's games and dances of Slavonia and Međimurje (younger and middle children's group)
4. Children's klapa (Whose little girl is it / I'm good at it / Too much joy)
5. Folklore vocal group (I'm going to go to the wheel even if I don't play / It's dawn, it's dawn)
6. Christmas display of northwestern Croatia (younger and middle children's group)