Lego Store Croatia

Hrvatska pošta
March 24, 2016
Kruna Mode
March 24, 2016


After the successful opening of LEGO® Certified Store in Zagreb in September of 2014, LEGO is planning to expand its activities in Croatia. LEGO plans to open up a new specialized store in Split, the second biggest city in Croatia. On October 6th 2015 Dalmatia will have a chance to enjoy LEGO products on more than 140 square meters of space in the new shopping center Mall of Split. Customers will be able to choose from the complete array of LEGO creative toys for kids and adults, including exclusive product lines 'Architecture' and 'Technic' for architects, engineers and all of those who have interest in those fields. Furthermore, the 'Star Wars’ collection is also available to all fans of the legendary franchise.

In addition to numerous LEGO sets, most of which you can get only in LEGO Certified stores, the widest array of LEGO products will be available in one place and customers will be able to choose individual bricks (like in any other LEGO Certified store) from a so-called 'Pick-A-Brick' wall. For those who want to own a unique LEGO minifigure, we will provide a 'Build-A-Mini' counter with several thousand possible assembly parts and combinations at your disposal.

Opening of a LEGO Certified store will be accompanied by a special product selection, customer gifts and giveaways of different products from the LEGO range of products.

LEGO bricks are still the most popular creative toy in the world, a fact that has been confirmed by many interesting statistics. For example, if you add the number of all manufactured LEGO bricks together, you will get a total of 120 bricks for every person on Earth. It’s very interesting that with the amount of LEGO bricks manufactured every year you could encircle the Earth 24 times (an amazing fact considering a standard LEGO brick is just 3, 2 cm long)! And the most important thing is that LEGO bricks have been manufactured since 1958, and every day 60 billion new LEGO components are made. Last year only, LEGO group has made more than 85 million kids happy around the world.