March 25, 2016
Biberon Cakes
March 25, 2016


Biberon Fine Food restaurants are based around the idea of a ‘free flow' self-service where guests are free to choose from our selection of entrées, soups, vegetable and fruit salads, desserts and beverages. Not only that, our counter selection offers 10 different types of dishes at reasonable prices.

In Biberon Wok corner we prepare meat and fish meals using an array of ingredients ready to be fried, cooked, blanched, stewed or steamed. Our chefs are there to prepare creative meals in front of you in just 5 minutes.

For all those who prefer colorful and spicy delicacies originating from Central America or have a soft spot for typical American 'fast food' , our chefs in Zagreb and Split are preparing Mexican specialties and homemade burgers that will eat up with gusto.

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