Alo Alo
24 March, 2016
24 March, 2016


With fashion accessories, your personality, but also your smile will not go unnoticed, and your self-confidence and personal style will stand out in the best way.

Argentum is a well-known Croatian jewelry brand that with its offer of fashion details brings a smile to the face of many lovers of fashion and fashion trends.

In 50 branches across Croatia, everyone can find something for themselves, but also for their loved ones whom they want to cheer up. Jewelry has always been a special gift that is remembered, but also worn for years with a smile. In addition to silver jewelry, Argentum is also recognizable by its own production of jewelry and gold and silver coins that are given away during the most beautiful moments of life.

No matter what style you cherish, Argentum will fulfill all your fashion ideas, whether it's jewelry or fashion accessories like watches.

Find your favorite details in Argentum and wear them with a smile.

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